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Patricia Hayes, Nola Haynes and Benny Hill


Episode: 35
Date: March 14, 1979
Time: 50:33
Musical Director: Ronnie Aldrich
Vocals: The Ladybirds
Choreography: Dee Dee Wild
Producer: Dennis Kirkland
Director: Dennis Kirkland
Writer: Benny Hill


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  • Angela O'Rippon - "London - Tom O'Dooley found last week for shouting, "Dennis Healey is a stupid grey twit." outside Number Eleven Dowling Street was given three weeks for being drunk and disorderly.... And three years for contravening the Official Secrets Act."

  • Dickie O'Davis - "The Brown heavyweight champion was knocked out in the first round last night. His manager said he would have done better and lasted longer if he had cut down on the drinking and the smoking and the sex.... Especially between the rounds."

  • Magnus O'Magnussen - "O'Duffy fell down two flights of stairs with a pint of whiskey. None was spilled. Why was that?"
    Fred Needle - "He kept his mouth shut."


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  • First appearance with Dennis Kirkland as director.
  • First appearance of Wonder-Gran and the Hill's Angels
  • According to William Brown at "Benny's Place," the Georgie Pest quickie is a tribute to British football (soccer) legend Georgie Best.
  • Henry McGee impersonates British radio disc jockey Kenny Everett and host of "The Kenny Everett Video Show" on Thames TV in the introduction for Hot Gossamer, even down to mentioning "naughty bits," part of his routine in introducing the dance numbers on his show.
  • Hot Gossamer comprises Francesca Whitburn (leopard skin), Pauline Crawford (pink), Sarah Woollett (French maid), Louise English (white), Sue Upton (school girl), Nola Haynes (gold) and Abigail Higgins (black). Although technically not the Hill's Angels (who aren't named in the series until February 6, 1980), the sultry acting mixed with comedy bits is indicative of the types of acts the Angels were known for in the series.
  • Select sketches from this episode appear in the "Home Video Drive In" VHS from HBO Home Video.