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Laura Grant is a British actress, dancer, performer and inventor who formerly appeared on "The Benny Hill Show." Her identity and appearances on the show have not been confirmed: she may be the same person remembered by cast member Sue Upton as Laura Hack.
Not much is known about life and career. According to an interview, she first appeared on "The Benny Hill Show" in 1981 at the age of 17, which would make her born around 1964. Described as blonde and busty, she was working as a puppeteer on the Isle of Wight when she heard about auditions for the show and auditioned with a few dance steps. She only appeared on the show for one season in 1981 (at the beginning of the Hill's Angels popularity).
It is not known which sketches or episodes of the series Laura appeared in of the series. She recalls Benny Hill as "very sweet and down-to-earth," but of the series, she recalls filming at the studios in Teddington and often performing in a skimpy bikini, commenting that the costume department were always having to sew flowers round the edge of her top (either the Paradise number from 1981 or Home on Paradise Island in 1982) to restrain her bust size. Leaving the show, she appeared on "The Two Ronnies" and "Jasper Carrot." However, she stopped performing to settle down and have kids. In 1997, she married her husband, Andrew, and had a daughter, Brittany.
Working for a time in her parents' clothes shop, she soon turned toward developing a few ideas of her own, such as creating a hands-free hair dryer, later willing a silver medal for her innovation at the Inventors Fair in 1998. She also developed a high chair with a novelty tray for children, later running in the 2001 Women Inventor of the Year awards.


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