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Kung Phooie is the fictional character of the film, "Beyond The Bamboo Curtain," played by One Lung Ho (Benny Hill) and produced by Chow Mein.
In the film, One Lung Ho befriends a female wood-carver (Lee Gibson) and helps her chop wood with his karate skills. He also fights off a bear single-handedly before traveling on his way to Kowloon. On his way, he stops to have lunch and fights off a highwayman (Bob Todd) who is part of a band of brigands (Jackie Wright and Earl Adair) who attacks the female woodcarver. One Lung Ho comes to her rescue using a combination of karate and swordplay, but when he unties her from a post, she runs off to join the fleeing brigand. Dejected, One Lung Ho strikes a support post as the entire wood-carver hut comes crashing down.
Heading out of town, he rejects a maiden screaming for help (Diana Darvey) in a cart being piloted by its driver (Jackie Wright).


  • Benny Hill plays both Chow Mein (producer) and Kung Phooie/One Lung Ho (character/actor).
  • Leslie Goldie plays the Chinese woman pulled in the wagon by Jack Wright who splashes Benny.