Kenneth Carter is a English television producer known for his work on several British TV series through the 1950s including "Before Your Very Eyes," "Hit Parade," "Showcase" and "The Benny Hill Show" for the BBC.
Not much is known about his life. He served in the Royal Artillery during World War II as a Lance Bombardier. He also produced a show for a Royal Artillery Concert Party which Spike Milligan and his band attended. He also served as a judge for the show, later working in television as a director and producer. His other work includes "Nixon at Nine-Five," "The Norman Vaughan Show" and "The Lance Percival Show." He also directed episodes of "Hit Parade" and "Cross Roads" and worked with Reg Varney, Frankie Howard, Tony Hancock, Lance Percival and Norman Vaughan. He passed away in 1978.


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