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Ken Sedd was an English actor and stuntman possibly best known for his work with Benny Hill on "The Benny Hill Show."
Born as Kenneth Seddington on October 26, 1939, he started out as a stunt man with work on "The Sweeney" as well as acting work in bit parts in episodes of the TV shows "Adam Adamant Lives!" and "Softly Softly" before meeting Benny Hill during the years of his TV series at the BBC. The first time he met Benny was at a casting where he was asked by his agent to attend where a famous comedian would be present to select someone for double work. He went to a local hall in London where he was asked to stand around the edge of the hall with about 250 others. Benny walked in took a look around, pointed at Ken and that was that, the beginning of a 25 year relationship that turned into a good friendship. He went on to appear in "Z Cars," "Doomwatch," "Upstairs, Downstairs," "Doctor Who", "The Empire Strikes Back" and "The Two Ronnies." His most notable sketch in "The Two Ronnies" was as Edgar Whitlow in the 1982 Christmas special sketch, "The Tree."
For twenty-five years, Sedd stunt-doubled or stood in for Benny Hill in his movies and TV show at Thames TV, particularly in scenes where Benny played one or more characters. He later started appearing as a sketch player in his own right, often playing several characters in one sketch. Among his roles, he has played a tavern owner, photographer and victim of a fire in the Lower Tidmarsh Volunteer Fire Brigade, a racer and a hitch-hiker in the Grand Wheelchair Rally, a criminal and a patient in a Wonder-Gran sketch and an an opined boyfriend in Stupid Cupid.
In later years, his interest in UFO's and sci-fi led him into becoming a director of the International UFO Congress. His other love was athletics, and he ended up coaching Ade Made to the 1984 Olympic 200m final, where Ade became the youngest to ever to run in that race at 17, still a record today and something of which he was very proud.
Sadly, Ken suffered from Parkinson's Disease in his final years, and he passed away on January 9, 2021. He is survived by his devoted wife, three children and five grandchildren, all of whom are immensely proud of his career and the great things he accomplished in his life.


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