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The Keep Fit Brigade is the team of exercise members at Fred Scuttle's Health Farm. Founded by Scuttle as health courses at popular prices (300 British guineas or $1575 for four weeks), the facility includes exercise and meals consisting of suet dumplings, Yorkshire pudding and treacle and custard. The living quarters are segregated with the men and women joining for exercises (and in the sauna), according to Scuttle.

Exercise includes marching on the grounds, following a female instructor (Jenny Lee-Wright) followed by aerobics (Roy Scammell and Malcolm Weaver) and instructions in unarmed combat. Scuttle sometimes chases after the female guests (Bettine Le Beau and Jenny Lee-Wright), although the mail guests (Bob Todd), get just as distracted. The men also play American football on the grounds. Scuttle also attempts to show displays of his strength when not hitting the punching bag. He also tries to teach boxing unless he gets punched by a female guest (Mia Martin).


  • The full membership includes Benny Hill, Bob Todd, Jack Wright, Henry McGee, Jenny Lee-Wright, Jim Tyson, Carol Mills, Bettine LeBeau, Penny Meredith, Mia Martin, Roy Scammell and Malcolm Weaver.
  • Of the members:
    • Roy Scammell and Malcolm Weaver are the tumblers at the start. They also tumble during the unarmed combat demonstration and later seemingly stand on Scuttle's shoulders.
    • Jenny Lee Wright is the member struggling with the chest expander; Henry McGee is the victim of the same device
    • In the human hurdles. Scuttle jumps over Jackie Wright and gets jumped over by Roy Scammell. Scuttle then catches Mia Martin trying to jump over him.
    • Bob Todd and Jackie assist and befuddle Scuttle in unarmed combat.
    • Bettine LeBeau crosses before Scuttle with Roy and Malcolm on his shoulders.
    • Roy and Malcolm both try getting Bob on the trapeze swing.
    • The two girls distracting Benny are probably Jenny Lee-Wright and Penny Meredith.
    • It is Jenny Lee Wright that Scuttle chases in the football game. The players are Jackie, Bob, Henry and Jim Tyson.
    • Scuttle tries launching Carol Mills on to Roy and Malcolm.
    • Carol Mills, Jackie Wright, Bettine Le Beau, Bob Todd, Jim Tyson and Roy Scammel watch Scuttle try to lift the weight. The identity of the little girl is unrevealed.
    • Penny Meredith watches Suttle in his boxing demonstration.
    • Roy appears in Scuttle's segue.
    • In the acrobat demonstration, Malcolm is lifted by Scuttle, followed by Mia Martin.
    • In the boxing demonstration, Scuttle excuses Jackie Wright, dismisses Jim Tyson and is the recipient of a punch to the abdomen from Mia Martin.
  • The location in the sketch seem to be at the former hospital and field which Benny used through much of the series as a studio.