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Kay Frazer is an English actress and dancer possibly best known for her appearances on "The Benny Hill Show." She got her start as a member of The Young Generation dancing and singing troupe which included Roger Finch. She got her start in the 1964 Rediffusion-London production of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" which also starred Benny Hill and Eira Heath, later getting appearances on television in the TV shows "ITV Play of the Week," "Doomwatch" and "The Worker" before starring in a handful of appearances on "The Benny Hill Show." She starred in a dancer blooper on December 23, 1970, a supermarket ballet on March 24, 1971, a toy-maker's blooper on December 22, 1971 and in the "Band at the Park" on December 5, 1973. Her later activities are unrevealed.