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Joey is a blue budgie living in a cage in an apartment somewhere in London. Her unseen owner named her "Joey" and her cat "Ben" without knowing they were female. Unfortunately, the cat eventually had kittens.
One day while out on the window sill, Joey is visited by a pigeon in a Cockney accent (Benny Hill) who teases her about living in a cage up until he learns she has a boy's name and then he becomes very sympathetic. Joey describes being sold through a pet shop and lamenting about her name. When hearing about the cat having kittens, the pigeon offers to give her the same courtesy. He invites her to come out with him, but she only gets out when her cage is cleaned. The pigeon asks about why she never escapes, but when she shows no interest, he accuses her of not having any spirit to do so. Joey eventually gets him to talk about life on the outside, and he starts talking about the dangers he's faced. He even refers to a jet as "a bird with his bum on fire."
The pigeon also tells her about El Cockalito, the stud in a cockatoo breeding farm in El Paz, Bolivia with his 150 mates and his death at the hands of a rival. The pigeon had fought him over the mating rights of Mona, another bird, but he never finishes his story as a large hawk swoops in and carries him away. As he's carried off, Joey just waves to him disappearing into the sunset.


  • Joey was played by recurring sketch actress Anna Dawson.