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Jenny's Pub is a small British tavern located somewhere in England (likely London). The time period seems the 1940s, particularly during World War Two.
The tavern is run by an attractive blonde (Jenny Lee Wright), who might also be the owner, but this is unrevealed. The public house is frequently patrolled by English soldiers (Brian Nolan and unknown) and becomes the first stopping place for two German spies (Benny Hill and Bob Todd) trying to pass themselves off as English men. Even with their strong German accents, German words slipping through and a token Engish phrase ("Give us a kiss and show us your k-nickers."), they manage to escape detection until Jenny starts commenting on Hitler and how the English forces are defeating him. The two Germans have no idea who she's talking about (she calls Hitler "a big fat pig") until she clarifies, but upon mentioning the Fuhrer's name, the two spies jump up to salute him out of habit and get captured by two English officers.