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Jackie Wright takes a Holiday

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Gunga Din, Chow Mein and Henry McGee


Episode: 16
Date: February 22, 1973
Time: 50:42
Musical Director:
Vocals: The Ladybirds
Producer: Keith Beckett
Director: Keith Beckett
Writer: Benny Hill


Ben bill00

Benny as Billy Eckstine


  • Jackie Wright: Holiday



Benny as the Crimson Shadow


Benny and Helli Louise

Jwh clive

Benny as Clive James


  • Fred Scuttle - "Sorry, sir, it must be the distemper.... And the dog isn't well either."

  • Henry McGee - "Well, I'm afraid that it's a fact that in England our criminals get out and go right back into crime. Is it the same in China?"
    Fred Scuttle - "No, we don't let them out."


  • Helli Louise is the pretty young girl in the opening bit with Benny Hill wearing leather. Henry McGee and possibly Pat Ashton play the girl's parents.
  • The song, "What Am I Doing Hanging Round," performed by the The Orange Blossom Band was originally released by "The Monkees."
  • This episode features Henry McGee in his first interview with Fred Scuttle, replacing Nicholas Parsons.
  • Pat Ashton is the female actress in the demonstration with Fred Scuttle.
  • In the quickies, Benny plays the Crimson Shadow (Chalfort St. Giles), singer Billy Eckstine, Australian broadcaster Clive James and Liberace dancing by his piano.
  • The brunette in the Hi Karachi quickie is Laraine Humphrys.
  • The tag with Benny, Helli and Henry was possibly filmed at the old Foxhills Estate, the same exterior mansion grounds used in Bionic Boy and the Grand Wheelchair Rally.
  • The Clive James blooper was featured in the 1979 half-hour U.S. syndicated version, but it was omitted in the 1987 version of the episode.