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Is This Your Life? is a British reality documentary that reunites ordinary citizens with people from their past. It is hosted by TV personality Eamonn Andres (Nicolas Parsons) who introduces musician and composer George Podmore (Robertson Hare) on the pretense of a presentation. He introduces him to Ron Moore from Stanford (Benny Hill) after confusing him as Stan Moore from Rumford, who had worked with George at a haberdashery. Although Ron doesn't known George, he turns up thinking he's on the talent show "Opportunity Knocks." Edwards then brings out Emily Pringle (Benny Hill), George's old school teacher, who confuses Andrews and Podmore then reacts when she realizes how much he's changed. She is also shocked to hear his looks aren't caused by hard-partying. Edwards also re-introduces George to Fred Scuttle from the Lower Tidmarsh Brass Band. On the show, Scuttle relates stories of George's time in the band and with women. The show wraps with George getting reunited with his long-lost son, Richard Podmore (Benny Hill), wearing prison garb and being lead by a police officer (Michael Sharvell-Martin).


  • This sketch is a parody of the American television series "This Is Your Life" which broadcast on NBC radio from 1948 to 1952 and on NBC television from 1952 to 1961, hosted by its creator and producer Ralph Edwards.
  • Robertson Hare works in his catchphrase "Oh, Calamity" from the BBC comedy series "All Gas and Gaiters."
  • Robertson Hare had previously worked with Benny as far back as 1959 in a stage play called "Fine Fettle."
  • Benny would go on to parody "Opportunity Knocks" in Opportunity's Knocking.
  • Benny's costume as Emily Pringle matches his costume as Edith Packet in The European Song Contest.
  • This was the first appearance of Fred Scuttle at Thames.
  • When Benny plays Fred Scuttle, he's still chewing the caramel he took as Emily Pringle.