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Ironsides is an American TV crime drama based on the investigations of retired San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) Chief of Detectives Robert T. Ironside, bound to a wheelchair due to a sniper's bullet.
In "The Case Of The Stolen Sheep," Ironsides (Benny Hill) tries to help a distraught couple (Bella Emburg and Jackie Wright) track down their missing daughter Bo Peep (Andree Melly). With him are Detective Sergeant Ed Brown (Henry McGee) and Detective Mark Sanger (Bob Todd) dancing around to avoid his wheelchair from rolling over their toes. When she's found, she comes in and dramatically describes getting drugged, forcing Ironsides to wheel back from her through some doors as she crowds in on him.
Speculating whoever has the sheep must be spending a lot of time tending to them, Ironsides recommends a vagrant (Jon Jon Keefe) be brought in they suspected earlier. His name is Basil Bassey, and he speaks haltingly like a sheep. Bo Peep recognizes him and he's arrested.
Ironsides and his staff take Bo Peep to dinner at Luigi's Restaurant where the maitre'd (Jon Jon Keefe) listed his very lamb-oriented menu. They get so excited that Ironsides has an attack at the table and collapses with everyone still laughing. However, it may not have been fatal because he later turns up on a train trip filled with various detectives and teams up with Sheriff Sam McCloud (Benny Hill) to solve a murder.


  • Leslie Goldie also appears playing a character, possibly Officer Fran Belding played by Elizabeth Baur in the original series.
  • This was one of four sketches based on "Bo Peep" along with Naked Lust in Sinful Sweden, Sure Taylor, Nathan Wylde and "Much Ado About Bo Peep" with Benny in a Shakespearean playlet. The bit was introduced by Leslie Goldie. Henry McGee introduced similar sketches with "Jack And Jill" in Jack and Jill.
  • These sketches were part of the material along with the guest star features that were not included in the early HBO VHS collection of Benny's material.