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Husky and Starch are two American police detectives, possibly in New York City, who learn that the governor's daughter has been kidnapped. To find her, Starch visits an informant named Huggy Bear (Jackie Wright) who tells him that the girl has been kidnapped by an extremist named Slimy Sally. Husky tracks her down to her hide-out near the wharf where Starch is briefly distracted by Husky getting trapped in "freeze frames," a thing common with famous TV detectives. Starch orders Sally to give herself up and toss down her guns, but he gets trapped under her cannon getting thrown out. Meanwhile, Husky slips inside and confronts Slimy Sally, shooting the woman (Rita Webb) who confronts him and sending her out the window. At that point, the real Slimy Sally (Lorraine Doyle) turns around and introduces herself. Realizing he's shot the wrong woman, Husky curses himself as everything goes into "freeze frame."


  • Husky and Starch were both played by Benny Hill. He actually uses the character's real names in the sketch.
  • This sketch was based on "Starsky and Hutch," a popular American TV crime drama from ABC-TV. It starred actors Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul.