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How to Meet Beautiful Women is a low-budget self-help video created to help single men meet single women. It picks up on an ordinary man on street (Benny Hill) getting snubbed by two women (Lee Meredith and Stacey Ann Logan). He gets the attention of the video voice (Benny) who remind him that before he goes to meet women, he must "smell nice," but he still needs to take his clothes off before doing so.
Back out on the street, he is advised to try and get attention by dropping his hankerchef, which gets the attention of a lady (Logan) who takes it for herself. He tries another one which another woman (Meredith) ignores and passes by while another female passerby (Caryn Rosenthal) uses it to blow her nose before discarding it.
The video voice next suggests trying to appeal to a woman's desire to be a nurse so the "ordinary man" pretends to fake to attract two nurses (Meredith and Logan) which actually works. However, it also gets the attention of a large male paramedic (Lanny Flaherty) who attempts CPR as "ordinary man" wakes up and makes a run for it.
It is next suggested that "ordinary man" try the "knight in shing armor" ploy by going to help of a woman in distress. He finds a female motorist (Logan) having car trouble and goes to help her, hitting his head on the hood of the car a few times and getting squirted in the face with motor oil before she drives away.
It is next suggested that "ordinary man" try standing by a sports car to get noticed, even getting encourage to sit in it, but the young lady (Logan) walks by without noticing him. Unfortunately, the owner of the car (Joey Faye) shows up and takes a liking to him, driving away with him in the car.
It's also suggested that "ordinary man" try hiring an actor to pretend to be a mugger to turn him into a hero. At the park, he finds a girl (Caryn Rosenthal) sitting on a bench and when the mugger (Flaherty) shows up, he tries to stop him, getting beaten up in the process. It actually works, but then the real mugger (unidentified) shows up and puts on weak show, the stunt falls apart. Sitting and falling backward off a log, he watches the girl walk away.
Ending up in the hospital with a beautiful nurse (Lorraine Doyle) is passed off as "ending up with the girl of his dreams" by the video voice. However, even this fails as she gets replaced by a huge hag of a nurse (Bob Todd) coming to take care of him.


  • The start of the sketch is filmed at Fifth Avenue and Central Park South. The rest of the skitch is set using NYC's Central Park as a back drop.
  • The shower bit reuses the gags from the "Mighty Man Deodorant" quickie in 1975.
  • The car repair gags are also repeated from Benny's short film, Eddie In August. They were also re-used in Transistor Girl in 1976.
  • Benny Hill running from getting kissed by a man (even in the means of getting CPR) is another recurring gag from the series.
  • In the sketch, Benny appears standing in front of a building with the "Travelsavers" logo. "Travelsavers" was an actual company that provided travel arrangements for the episode.