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Hott Sexe, Free Loofa und Lust Orgie ("A Summer Romance") is a Scandinavian film about a lonely Norweigen bride named Greta (Lorraine Doyle) who has an affair with Nils, her husband's golf instructor (Jon Jon Keefe).
In the opener, the husband, Bjorn (Benny Hill), confides in his best friend Hans (Henry McGee) about all the troubles in his life as sub-titles translate. His wife Greta sees them off to the golf tournament, but once they're gone, she rips off her old robe, runs to the bedroom and whistles for her lover (Jon Jon Keefe) who climbs in through the window of her bedroom. Having told his own wife he has gone fishing, Nils and Greta are immediately stripping off their clothes with strategically placed sub-titles hiding their nudity and faraway shots masking their illicit activity.
In time, Bjorn returns home and catches the two lovers in bed, but he barely notices because he has lost the tournament by one stroke!


  • William Brown of "Benny's Place" calls this sketch "a brilliant send-up of Scandinavian adult films."
  • Benny also skewered adult films in Naked Lust in Sinful Sweden.
  • This sketch along with Cross-Strassen Motel was one of two "European Television" sketches.
  • A photo of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher appears in the sketch; she also appears as a puppet in the Westminster Follies.
  • Nils's wife is named Helga in passing.