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Holiday Sport Spectacular is a sports highlights series hosted by Jemmy Hill (Benny Hill) covering the news from the sports world with footage from English football (soccer) and golf. For the show, Nicholas Parsons interviews Ernie Touch of the Dimpton City Players, who has a nervous breakdown over his obnoxious player, Ginger Thompkins, who is loved by the fans.
The episode also continues with a wrestling match from Loganberry between the Two-Ton Grudge (Tommy Mann) and Big Ben from Ballin (Benny Hill). Between wrestling moves, the two talk about the holidays and family; when Ben sees a good-looking girl in the audience, Grudge offers to toss him out to meet her.
The episode wraps with more scenes of football, racing, running, shot-putting and pool-playing.


  • Benny plays three characters in this spoof.
  • Benny calls Tommy by his real name in the sketch.
  • Tommy Mann is said to have hurt his ankle stumbling over a cable in his sketch.
  • Grudge's manager is played by Bill Straiton(?) while Benny's manager is played by Nicolas Parsons. The referree is played by Michael Sharvell Martin.