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Hill Department Store Germany is a shopping mall somewhere in Germany visited by a middle-aged English couple (Benny Hill and Bella Emberg). Upon entering, they encounter the store manager (Paul Eddington) against the fake legs of a hosiery display, creating the illusion he is wearing the hosiery. Going through, the husband amuses himself by pretending to pick his nose on a glove display which the manager moves away. A few steps away, the wife is examining German lederhosen, and as the husband takes an interest, the manager shows him to a changing room to try on a pair, annoying a man in his underwear (Jackie Wright) in one and surpising one undressed lady (Libby Roberts) in another.
Meanwhile, two employees (Claire Lutter and Susie Baker) removed the female mannequin in the lederhosen display, and a shopper in an identical outfit (Teresa Lucas) ends up standing in its place. When the couple comes back out to examine the shorts on what they think is the display, the woman swings around and smacks the man for tugging on her shorts.
The couple heads to the restrooms marked "For Men" and "For Her," not realizing parts of the doors aren't on full display. The husband runs out of the ladies room chased by several women (Susie/Jane/Libby/Teresa/Claire) and the wife pursued by several men (Eddie Buchanan/Paul/Jackie) out of the store.


  • This sketch was named for identification purposes on behalf of the Hill Department Store from March 29, 1973.
  • The German words in the sketch translate as "panties" (panties), "stockings" (strumpfen), "bra tops" (bustenhaiters), "exit" (ausgang), "hot pants" (heiss hosen), "corsets" (korsets), "ladies" (damen) and "gentlemen" (herren).