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Hill's Angels


The Hill's Angels were a song and dance troupe comprised of beautiful girls briefly preceded by Love Machine and Pan's People on "The Benny Hill Show." They accompanied Benny Hill as back-up singers in opening songs, as dancers in longer comedy sketches, such as in the Little Dimpton Dance Party and as extra characters in the series comedy sketches. Comprised of experienced singers, dancers and entertainers, their routines ranged from the simple dance acts to the sultry and erotic routines of later episodes, such as the Invisible Striptease from the February 10, 1982 episode as well as playing background characters in comedy sketches. Most episodes had a retinue of around seven to eight members per episode with a high-turnover in girls. The most popular members were Sue Upton, Louise English and possibly Lorraine Doyle, who appeared frequently as sketch performers in the series (often as wives and girlfriends to Benny), and actress Jane Leeves, who appeared as a Hill's Angel between 1983 and 1985 and later became a well-known American actress.

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