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The Halitosis Kid is an American gunslinger from around or near El Paso well-known for his horrible breath. It is so bad that the local dentist (Henry McGee) asks him to tone it down by rinsing his mouth with horse manure. Around him, trees wilt, flowers and birds die, cacti deflate, wallpaper peels, people flee in terror, animals hide, and even his reflection recedes in shock and disgust. Even his own horse faints when he sneezes near it! His real name is never revealed. When the Kid comes into town, the population and local animals hide in terror. A member of town takes his horse for him while wearing a gas mask.
The Kid always comes into town to visit his girlfriend, Lucky Lulu Belle (Lorraine Doyle), who gets her name for not being able to smell anything after an operation, thus being immune to the kid's volatile breath. His rival for her affection is the outlaw Thunderclap, known for smoking, over-eating and bad hygiene habits. His partner is an effeminate figure known as The Gay Caballero, who wears pink and feeds his horse from a Harrod's bag. When they join forces to kidnap Lulu Belle, the kid returns their gunfire, joined by the cannon fire from the portrait of a ship, which ends up sinking in the portrait. The Kid flees with Lulu Belle into an upstairs room of the hotel, blowing his breath into the Caballero's eye through the keyhole, causing him and Thunderclap to pass out from the horrible smell. Unfortunately, Thunderclap gets her after the Caballero blinds the Kid with sand. The Kid goes after them to save her, whistling for his hesitant horse (killing a bird in flight in his first attempt), and jumping on to it from the roof outside the saloon, driving it into the ground up to its body.
Outside of town, the Caballero gets the drop on the Kid, taping his mouth shut, basically neutralizing his breath. Unfortunately, they don't know that his body odor is even worse than his breath, and when the Kid puts his arms up in defeat, releasing his equally, if not more appalling body odor, it results in both Thunderclap and the Caballero to pass out from the smell. With the outlaws defeated, the Kid and Lulu Belle return to town.


  • The Halitosis Kid was played by Benny Hill.
  • In the sketch, the character seems to switch back and forth between being conscious of his breath and not aware of it. He acts unaware of why people are reacting, yet at some times, he acknowledges it a few times, even using it as a weapon.
  • Townspeople in the sketch include Johnny Hutch, Bob Todd, Henry McGee, Jerrold Wells and the Hill's Angels in other roles. The actor playing the bartender is unrevealed.
  • The sketch mentions Lucky Lulu lost her sense of spell due to an operation.
  • Joanna Kirkland and Jade Westbrook are the girls in the window, who end up holding their noses.
  • The sketch was performed on site as the same exterior as Eddie Buchanan's Song of El Paso on December 17, 1975. According to Jon Jon Keefe, it was built on property near Thorpe Park. The interior scenes were filmed at Teddington Studios.