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Her Majesty's Prison Teddington is a royal prison in the small town of Teddington, a town within the northwest of Greater London. It suffers an escape when one of its prisoners (Benny Hill) escapes. When a rope dangled over the wall for him falls to the ground, he grabs a pick axe and breaks through the wall, running into two guards (Brian Nolan and Robert Howe) who rip him prison uniform off while trying to restrain him. Running around in his underwear, the inmate rips into a box from a costume shop left at a door by a deliveryman (Brian Nolan), ultimately turning down the ballerina dress and inmate costume in it.
Ultimately, he steals the women's clothes from the laundry line of a local housewife (Pamela Cundell). Astonishingly, the officer's don't recognize him as a lady and chase him with amorous intentions, forcing him to shed the clothes and run off in his underwear. The officers don't recognize him as he sprints past them as a man.
Forced to shed his female costume, the inmate runs loose through the area again before getting the attention of two affectionate lady cops (Lesley Goldie and Penny Meredith), who thinks he's cute, driving him to try breaking into prison again.


  • The Escaped Prisoner was played by [[Benny Hill].
  • If one looks closely at the bricks Benny is chopping through, it looks as if they might be made of styrofoam.
  • The chase scene looks as if it might have been filmed along the street from the studio where Benny filmed the show.
  • The retailer on the box of clothes is "Robins Fancy Dress."