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The Guitar Fey Ballet Company is a British ballet troupe who produces a televised ballet performance for television. The performance features two performers (Benny Hill and Charmaine Seal) performing a pantomime of a man haunted by an old love.
The performance, however, is completely lost on three eccentric viewers (Benny Hill, Rita Webb and Nicole Shelby) who fail to understand its symbolism. Criticizing and critiquing it, they call the male performer a "Nancy" and comparing him to a milkman named Cyril, even questioning his running away from the girl.


  • The spelling of "Guitar Fey" is a bit in doubt. It comes from the opening narration from David Hamilton.
  • This sketch was later remade as The Statue in 1981.
  • The music played in the sketch has been identified as an excerpt of the second movement of "Concierto de Aranjuez" by Joaquin Rodrigo.