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Episode: 23
Date: March 12, 1975
Time: 51:20
Musical Director:
Vocals: The Ladybirds
Producer: Mark Stuart
Director: Mark Stuart
Writer: Benny Hill


1orson buggy

Mrs McTavish and Ernie Potts

Gmob 00

Mighty Deodorant


Gmob 01
Gmob 02
  • Great Mysteries With Orson Buggy
  • Dimpton Health And Sun Club
  • Beyond the Bamboo Curtain



  • Rolf Harris - "I'm sorry, but, Mark, that dart's poisonous!"
    Lee Gibson - "Oh, Lord! Who's going to suck the poison out!"
    Rolf Harris - "Me!" (sounds of people racing on stage)

  • Ben - "Rolly, Rolly, you won't believe it. Miriam and I have got a son! A little boy! Would you believe it? After six daughters, a little boy!"
    Rolly - "Does he look like you or Miriam?"
    Ben - "I don't know. We haven't looked at his face yet!"

  • Elsie - "I'm not staying in a room with you for only a quid. What do you think I am?"
    Ernie Potts - "Love, we know what you are. We're haggling over the price now. Ain't we?"

  • Ernie Potts - "You can't come in. It's a bit awkward... I'm taking a bath."
    Miss McTavish - "There isn't a bath in there!"
    Ernie Potts - "I know... That's what's making it awkward!!"

  • Ernie Potts - "There are no bed bugs in there. The cockroaches ate them all."

  • Ernie Potts - "I lent him the money to bury his grandmother, and if I don't get it back by Friday, up she comes!"


  • First appearance of Anna Dawson in the series. She would end up returning as a series regular in the 1985 to 1989 episodes.
  • Pam's People is a spoof of Pan's People.
  • Orson Buggy is based on American actor and director Orson Welles.
  • Fred Scuttle's full name is Frederick Forsyte Scuttles.
  • Benny can't put his arm down in the Mighty Man deodorant commercial; he recreates this sketch in the Benny Hill's World Tour: New York special.


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