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The Great British Dancing Finals is a British television dance contest featuring six couples competing for prizes. It is hosted by Terry Wobegone (Benny Hill), and by the time of the episode has six couples, numbered #2, #3, #4, #7 and #69, still on the dance floor. The #69 couple (Benny Hill and Carole Ball) weave, sail and sashay all over the dance floor around the other dancers.
At the end, the winners are announced with each of the ladies dancing and doing a pirouette. The third place winners are Fred and Leslie Wilcox from Penge (Bob Todd and Judy Gridley). The second place winners are Ted and Tina Tingle from Tucson (Jon Jon Keefe and Judy Gridley). The first place winners are Jean and John Thomas (Benny Hill and Carole Ball), but Jean jumps around so much, she fails to notice her underwear slipping down around her ankles under her skirt. When she does her pirouette, she ends up flashing everyone in the room, even as Wobegone tries blocking the view of the camera.


  • Terry Wobegone is a spoof of Terry Wogan, a longtime TV host and presenter of several television programs in England.
  • The seated ladies behind Benny as Terry Wobegone are Leslie Goldie (in blonde wig), two unknowns and Claire Russell in a red dress. Jackie Wright sits at another table in long shots.
  • The male dancers are David Wright dancing with the girl in the blue dress, Ian Kaye and George May, but just which male dancer is with which lady dancer has yet to be revealed.
  • BLOOPER: The female dancers seem to change dresses, or the guys change partners. Bob Todd dances with a girl in a flower-print dress but ends up with the girl in the yellow dress. Jon Jon dances with the girl in the white dress and ends up with the girl in the blue dress.
  • Although Andree Melly, Bella Emberg, Marilyn Harrison and Earl Stephenson are credited for this episode, they don't appear in this sketch which seems to features several unknown extras.