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Georgina Hale

Georgina Boyle is a British actress only known for playing an extra in a few films in 1972. Nothing is known about her life or career. Her known credits include minor roles as an extra in the Benny Hill film, "Eddie In August," which was followed by the movie, "Not Tonight, Darling" and an appearance on "The Benny Hill Show," appearing in the tag with Sue Bond and Cheryl Gilham in the October 25, 1972 tag. Uncredited in the episode, she wasn't identified until the clip re-aired in an ITV British Compilation on November 28, 1985.

She might be the same actress as Georgina Hale, who also approximates her in size and appearance. Hale is best known for the 1970s films of Ken Russell, such as "The Devils," "The Boy Friend" and "Mahler."