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Gaylord Whitney is an American Confederate soldier from the American Civil War played by Merwyn Cruddy in "Home Is The Hero." Featured on The Movie-Shakers, the film depicts Gaylord returning home to the South seven years after the war. His memories of home aren't exact. While reminiscing on the old plantation, his old black retainer, Rufus (Bob Todd), comes up behind him, and he thinks he's Miss Abigail, his true love. When Miss Abigail (Jenny Lee Wright) shows up, he thinks she's his father. Miss Abigail reveals that she thought Gaylord had been killed at Fort Dix, and she has promised to marry a Yankee named John Abraham Louis Montmorency Leroy Whitney Lincoln III (Henry McGee). Haunted by the war, Gaylord starts describing the battlefield and the number of soldiers lost there, proclaiming "They wouldn't get up!"


  • Gaylord was played by Benny Hill.
  • Bob Todd also played a black servant in The Long Dry Summer.
  • Benny and Bob can be seen giggling amongst themselves in the sketch.
  • The stuck gate gag has been done several times before in the series, notably in the Home for the Summer sketch which shares the same plot.
  • "N.B.G." is a British euphemism for "no bloody good," and a possible play on the American television network NBC (National Broadcasting Company). It would be reused again in Hollywood Greats: Chubby Dodds in Women's Lib TV episode and in the 1994 sketch from Name That Tune.