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The Gay Caballero an American gunslinger and outlaw from near El Paso well-known for his pink outfit, white horse and effeminate lifestyle. He makes his own clothes on a brand new sewing machine; his shirt made from pink satin. He drinks beer with cherries and pineapple and a straw and feeds his horse with a leather bag from Harrods. His fighting style includes guns and sand thrown to blind his rivals.
The Caballero is a partner to the outlaw Thunderclap, and helps him to obtain and abduct Lucky Lulu Belle (Lorraine Doyle), the girlfriend of the Halitosis Kid. After a gunfight at the saloon, they pursue them upstairs. As the Caballero peeks through keyholes looking for him, the Kid blasts him with his breath, knocking him out with his breath, but the Caballero quickly come to and hits the kid with sand, blinding him in order to abduct Lulu Bell.
Pursued by the Kid, the Caballero soon gets the jump of the Kid and tapes his mouth shut, basically neutralizing his breath. He and Thunderclap take him hostage, but, unfortunately, they don't known his body odor is even worse, and when the Kid puts his arms up in defeat, both Thunderclap and the Caballero pass out from the smell. Once he's defeated, the Kid and Lulu Belle successfully escape to town.


  • The Gay Caballero was played by Jon Jon Keefe.
  • In his book, "I Was Benny Hill's Boy Toy," Jon Jon describes that behind the scenes the crew making jokes about his pink costume.
  • Benny also sings The Gay Caballero on March 16, 1983.