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Funny Old World is a song performed in both traditional and rap by Benny Hill on April 16, 1986, based on the music from the Madame Louise Summer Collection on March 5, 1980. Set on a street in Little Dimpton, it is accompanied by Jon Jon Keefe, Bob Todd, Henry McGee and the Hill's Angels as townsfolk with Anna Dawson coming out to question Benny (calling him "Arthur" - his real name) on what he's doing. Although she gets him to change the music, she also has to get him to stop skipping like a broken record. The song is followed by several sketches in Little Dimpton including a point where Benny shows the Angels how to tap dance.



(Note: The accuracy of these lyrics are a bit in doubt.)

Well, hey there suits, how do you dig my groove.
We've got jokes to burn your bums and freeze your cool.
We're gonna get on up and party down
You're not going to see us frown.
We're gonna dig a beat like a sassafras mama with a real petite.
You can dive pass the masses with the cabbies and do the bug-a-loo
If I sound like another then it's half past ten

(Anna Dawson stops Benny and asks what he's doing, asking him to "sing it right")


Well, when I look into your eyes of blue.
I want to really be alone with you.
You turn me on when you sing
I want to give you wonderful things.

(Anna stops Benny when he starts repeating certain words, but she does it too.)


I like ladies stockings. Nylon, silk or cotton.
Cause it doesn't matter how long they are.
Their job is always at the bottom.
Don't expect a winner; it might just be your ruin.
Cause if you can't see where you're running
You can't see where you're doing.

Funny Old World
Funny Old World
Everyone says it's a funny old world.
Funny Old World
Funny Old World
It's a funny old world
It's a funny old world