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The Fruit Vendor with Diana Darvey and Yvonne Dearman


The Fruit Vendor is the unnamed proprietor of a fruit stand that is constantly getting robbed and exploited by locals and pedestrians. After an apple is stolen, he accuses a young girl (Samantha Stevens) with a ball, only to discover the fruit was taken by a hungry police officer (Bob Todd). He is also stymied by a mother (Henry McGee) who dumps purloined oranges into a baby carriage concealing a female thief with a gun. After two women (Diana Darvey and Yvonne Dearman) steal fruit from him, the vendor rushes behind his stand to confront them, but he is unable to retrieve his merchandize as the items are concealed on their person. He also gets held up by a mugger (Bill Weston) who steals his clothes, leaving him to be chased by three female cops (Lee Gibson/Anne Bruzac/Samantha Stevens) who chase after him followed by everyone else.


  • Benny Hill played the vendor.
  • Benny also plays a fruit vendor in a later 80s sketch as a man giving a banana to Anna Dawson for her "monkey" and talking to Bob Todd as a police officer in a 1989 episode.