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French For Starters is a French language and etiquette instruction program hosted by Bettine Le Beau as the instructor and accompenied by her friend Claude (Benny Hill) as her friend, a hapless admirer longing for romance. Bettine is so involved in her lesson that fails to notice how much is Claude is trying to get close to her. In fact, on his arrival, she slams the door in his face just to give an additional French phrase. Once admitting him, she debates in her lesson if she should take him to the kitchen or the bathroom, place that don't interest him, but when she mentions the bedroom, he gets really excited.
Bettine instead offers to take him to the dining room, immediately showing him a seat far from her for him to sit. She also teaches the French phrases to offer him a piece of chocolate cake, which she never does, calling him "too fat." Although Claude is miffed, he is excited again when she starts talking about giving him a kiss before sending him off, which never occurs. His excitement grows when she starts discussing meeting him on a date with champagne or meeting him at his apartment, but he becomes estatic when she describes getting together at a nudist colony. However, his excitement is short-lived when she reveals he won't make it because of a broken leg.


  • Benny Hill was actually fluent in French, German and Italian.