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The Fred Scuttle Escort Service is a British escort service located in England (either London, Teddington or Little Dimpton) created by entrepreneur Fred Scuttle in his pursuit of success.
Running the business in a tuxedo and top hat, Scuttle is interviewed by Nicholas Parsons about his business, but Scuttle doesn't understand some of his words and sees double entendres in Parsons' queries. He describes one female patron with purple hair, sunken cheeks, shallow eyeballs, deep dimples and a cleft chin with vast wealth who comes in often to ask for the same escort every time. Scuttle adds the man always leaves her with a long-stem rose and a hand-written note.
In the course of several questions, Scuttle introduces to Parsons his four male escorts (Jerold Wells, Bob Todd, Jackie Wright and Jim Tyson, one of whom is wearing a suit at least three sizes too big. When Parsons challenges him him and asks for an escort young, beautiful, attractive and gay, Scuttle misunderstands and asks if he's interested one of the guys. Parsons corrects himself, and Scuttle brings out the ladies (Diana Darvey, Jeannie Collings, Zoe Hendry and Malou Cartwright), but the last one named Stella (Bella Emberg) has to be dragged out crying. Parsons is definitely attracted to the first ladies, but his heart reaches out to the forth one is sounds inconsolable. To lift her spirits, he chooses Stella, who turns out to be Fred's wife. It turns out she's crying not because she is constantly left out, but because all the men keep choosing her.