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Fred Atlas is a physical therapist and body builder who helps his clients get in shape.
After getting bullied and having sand kicked into his face by a rival (Benny Hill), an elderly customer (Jackie Wright) comes to Atlas to get in shape and build up his stamina in order to fight for himself. Atlas gets him started on the chest expander, which rips out all of his chest hair, and moves him on to the boxing bag. The old guy also performs admirable by exercising on the horizontal bars and eventually shows up Atlas by lifting a weight with which he was struggling. However, Atlas's female instructor (Sue Upton) undoes them both by lifting the old guy with the weight. Before leaving, the old man shakes hands with Atlas and crushes his hand.
Back at the beach the next day, and with muscles under a sweater, the old man is the attention of all the heautiful bikini-clad ladies. When the bully shows up, he dares him to kick sand into his face, and after he complies, the old man gets up and strikes him to the stomach, back of the neck and the stomach again. Naturally, he thinks the ladies will rally around him, but instead they rush to help the other guy and then turn on him, chasing him from the beach.


  • Fred Atlas is a parody of Charles Atlas, whose health fitness ads were seen in numerous comic books and periodicals from the 60s to the 80s. The character was played by Eddie Buchanan.
  • The beach scenes were actually filmed at the Foxhills Mansion by creating a beach area on lower ground and framing the scene that the house resembled a hotel and the only area visible was the beach area.
    • In the chase sequence, a tent can be seen in the distance on the property. It was possibly used in some capacity in the filming on the estate.
  • The beach scenes are filmed on location at Foxhills Mansion; the training scenes are taped in the studio.
  • The "chest hair" gag is recycled from the Keep Fit Brigade from 1972.
  • Jenny Lee-Wright, Diana Darvey, Sue Upton, Jenny Westbrook and Suzy Mandel possibly play the beach girls in some order. An uncredited Ken Sedd plays the obscured sixth figure, and Eddie Buchanan possibly plays the police officer in the chase.
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