The Benny Hill Show Wikia

Fay Hillier is an English comedy actress known for her work on "Dick Emery's Comedy Hour," "What's Up Superdoc!" and "The Unforgettable Dick Emery." Nothing is known about her early life and career. After appearing in "What's Up Superdoc!" in 1978, she starred in two episodes of "The Benny Hill Show,' playing a woman with a baby visiting prison on December 26, 1978, and a gold-digging bride and Dracula's nurse on March 14, 1979. She also appeared in the movie "Gambit" and the TV shows, "Dick Emery's Comedy Hour" and "The Dick Emery Show." Afterward, she became Emery's girlfriend after the divorce of his fifth wife to his death in 1983. Between 2002 and 2014, she appeared in a few documentaries on British television.