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Ernest "Ernie" Potts is a career criminal and con-artist who failed at petty larceny and robbery before forming a gang of con artists and thieves. One of Ernie's crimes ends up featured on Great Mysteries with Orson Buggy, hosted by Orson Buggy (Benny Hill), in an episode called "The Catch."
Ernie and his team's failed crimes include posing as monks to steal silver from two ladies (Lee Gibson and Diana Darvey) and armed robbery at the bank where the teller (Anna Dawson) ended up recognizing them. One member named Arnold (Henry McGee) came from a family who were also criminals; his grandfather confessed to a life of crimes on his deathbed then got better. He also went on strike at a factory that was noticed for three weeks. He also trained a dog that ended up biting everyone who came near it. his health is so bad he got a hernia snatching a lady's handbag,
After seeing a film on con-artists, Ernie plots a con of his own. He gathers his team includes Arnold and two more men (Bob Todd and Jack Wright) and Elsie (Diana Darvey, who refuses to stay any amount of time with Ernie for any amount of money. The older member has a thick Irish accent. They prepare a con on a book maker ("bookie") (Patrick Newell) staying at the Rose and Crown Inn and confront him in the Denby Bar downstairs, using a ten-minute delay on a horse race to win a lot of money from the stalled race broadcast. However, they're eventually busted by a police officer (Earl Adair?) that catches them drinking after hours because of the altered clocks.


  • Ernie Potts was played by Benny Hill.
  • Patrick Newell is Benny's accomplice with Henry McGee in the armed robbery scene.
  • Anna Dawson plays the innkeeper
  • Henry's character is named Arnold. Benny criticizes him for covering his face with Brut for men instead of a mask.