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Erica Lynley is an English actress, singer and dancer, best known known for "The Benny Hill Show." Not much is known about her life and career, but it is known she trained in ballet, auditioning for Benny when she was 19 years old. Originally credited as "Erica Ludlow," she was a member of the "Sam's Set" dance troupe on "Opportunity Knocks" choreographed by Samantha Stevens. She later became an original member of the Hill's Angels and a regular member of Hill's comedy sketch players, appearing as the "Manchester Tart" in the Holiday Time: Dimton on Sea sketch and one of the extras in the Friday Night Fever disco scene in the December 6, 1978 episode. She also appeared in the "Wake Up!" quickie on April 25, 1984 episode and as the singing duet partner of Louise English in the Cafe Bizarre sketch on the January 16, 1984 episode. Following "The Benny Hill Show," she made appearances on "The Little & Large Show," "The Basil Brush Show," "The Dick Emery Show," "Be My Guest" and "No Place Like Home." She also worked briefly with the "Lipstick" troupe with choreographer Libby Roberts.
Her current whereabouts are unknown. The last known info on her is that she has married and become a dance teacher and choreographer.


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Erica Lynley in "Cafe Bizarre"