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Emma Bryant in "Maria"

Emma Bryant is an English actress and dancer who starred as one of the Hill's Angels on "The Benny Hill Show," appearing in the opening "Maria, Maria" number on April 25, 1979. Despite this first appearance, she worked as a dancer in "Lipstick," the dance troop created by Libby Roberts on the "3-2-1" TV series. When Roberts started working as a choregrapher on "The Benny Hill Show," she might have brought Bryant back to the show. Emma also appeared in the "Benito's Night Club" routine on January 2, 1985 with Louise English and the "Costa Coco" opening number on May 27, 1985. She also starred as an actress in sketches, such as the "O'Jack" and "Yield to the Dawn: Lean on My Crutch" sketches. After "The Benny Hill Show," Emma starred in the movie, "Whoops Apocalypse" with fellow Angels, Lorraine Doyle and Tracy Smith, and co-star Ken Sedd. Today, she is married to Mark Wynter, and has two children.
She might be the sister of dancer Zoe Bryant, but this is unconfirmed.