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Elsie is an attractive young woman who shares an apartment with her no-nonsense, working class grandfather (Jackie Wright), who frequently talks back to the characters on her television. After grousing about the high-class cultured show on television, he complains back to the dancer (Benny Hill) through the television screen who in turn responds back to him. After the he leaves for the evening, Elsie comes out to the living room in her dressing gown and nightie, and the program switches to the news where the newscaster (Benny Hill) ogles her through the television screen and and admires her figure.
Unaware this is happening, she moves around the apartment as he repeatedly misquotes the news, tries blowing her wrap off the set blocking his view, feels pinched as she adjusts the back controls of the set and even steals a bite of her pastry through the screen. He even looks out the back of the set when she crosses behind it. When he reports that an escaped convict (Bob Todd) is loose in the vicinity of her neighborhood, the criminal almost immediate bursts into Elsie's apartment and hides in her wardrobe cabinet, closely followed by two police officers (Henry McGee and Roger Finch) strolling into the house. Seeing all this, the newscaster tries to warn them, but they just turn down the volume on the television which he then turns back up. When the criminal is caught hiding, a struggle ensues, and the newscaster is shot through the TV monitor, lamenting that the only casualty was an innocent newsreader. Finally looking at the television, Elsie announces that he's drunk again.


  • Elsie was played by Abigail Higgins.
  • The address is revealed as 14A Castle Street which places it in Kingston-In-Thames, London.
  • It seems curious that a grown woman would walk around in her underwear around her father.
  • This character and the Statue sketch were together identified as the "Channel Surfing" sketch.