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Ellie Reece-Knight is an English-Scottish actress and model known for the films "The House That Vanished," "Hot Girls for Men Only" and "Der Porno-Graf von Schweden" (The Count of Sweden).
Born Andrea Allan on November 18, 1946 in Glasgow, Scotland, she first appeared in the Tv series "Gideon C.I.D." playing the character, Pru Gideon. Her film appearances include roles in "Carry on Cowboy," "Assignment K" and a string of sexplotation films, such as "Der Porno-Graf von Schweden" and "Passion Potion" before landing on the TV series "UFO," based loosely as a homage to the American series, "Star Trek." She also had TV appearances in "Jason King," "Dead of Night," "Thriller" and "BBC2 Playhouse."
In the early Seventies, Allan appeared in the movies "Spanish Fly," "The House That Vanished," "Old Dracula" and "Invasion: UFO," a follow-up to the "UFO" series reusing series footage. In 1975, she posed for both Penthouse magazine in August 1975 and for French Playboy in December 1975. She eventually changed her screen name to Ella Reece-Knight for the 1976 movie "It's Getting Harder All the Time" which was followed by the movie, "The Office Party." In 1977, she played a young ingenue pursued by Casanova on The Benny Hill Show. Her later TV roles include roles in "C.A.T.S. Eyes" and "One Foot in the Grave."