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Dracula is a 500-year-old henpecked vampire who's thwarted at every turn by his wife to get away from her and chase far younger girls. He has no success whatsoever in his quests to bite the necks of young ladies. One girl, upon spotting him, offers him her newspaper to read while another of whom throws some powder his way while making herself up, leading him to sneeze and his false fangs falling into her handbag. He soon heads to a girls' college and attaches one end of a rope to a car while grasping the other to climb the building, ending up injured after the car drives off, pulling him along the way. A woman sees him in distress and strips to her undergarments, turning her dress into bandages for both his legs and a sling for his arm. When he tries to bite her neck, a police officer on the scene signals for Wonder-Gran and a chase ensues, leading to the police brandishing branches off of trees as weapons and officers using water pistols as weapons becoming involved. Cornered by Dracula, Wonder Gran holds up an photograph of Nicholas Parsons to repel him in place of a cross. Dracula flees and finds another victim, but he is unable to bite her before a crowd finds him and gives chase.


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  • Dracula was played by Benny Hill.
  • One of the most played characters in literature, Dracula is based on the main character from Bram Stoker's, "Dracula."
  • Two locations appear as Castle Dracula in the interstitial shots: Hilfiend Castle near Walford and Knebworth Castle in Hertfordshire.
  • The photo of Nicholas Parsons used to ward off Dracula is different in close-up and at a distance.
  • Ironically, Benny's former cast member, Andree Melly, played a vampire in "The Brides of Dracula" in 1963.
  • Alison Bell also played a vampire in the episode The Monte Carbolic Show.