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The Dimpton Palace is an public English theater located somewhere in England, possibly in Little Dimpton. The poster outside bills Patty Bottom - Sex & Steps Appeal, Fang Ling Tun and Elsie - The Magic of the East and the entire Midnight in Soho Company production in a play about a nightclub, which features a topless bar; the bartender (Bob Todd) doesn't wear a shirt.
The night club features a lead singer (Benny Hill) singing "Love For Sale" to a full audience which includes a customer (Jackie Wright), who loses his money to (Anna Dawson), but the singer retrieves it from her cleavage and gives it back to him. The singer himself gets the attention of several ladies in the audience, one of whom (Anna Dawson) changes her mind after getting a good look at him. He dances with a young lady in a naval uniform (Samantha Stevens), but he is soon the attention of a young socialite (Lee Gibson). A male bunny (Patrick Newell) sells her a boutonniere.
Three weeks later, the singer returns to the club very affluent with his female benefactor, who sings "You Stepped Out Of A Dream" to him. A woman (Diana Darvey) who liked him before stages a fight for him, and the singer gets a chair broken over his head by the bartender before getting stabbed by his blonde admirer and he quite literally kicks the bucket.


  • The song, "Love For Sale," also appears in the April 25, 1979 Pan's People routine.
  • This sketch pretty much lays out the plot of the Barry Manilow song, "Copacabana," with two lovers separated by a knife fight that ends badly.
  • The extended cast of the sketch includes Henry McGee and Earl Adair.