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Jeannie Collings, Benny Hill, Libby Roberts and Debbie Greenhill


Dibbles Health Farm is a fictional health facility located somewhere in England, possibly in Lower Tidmarsh or Little Dimpton. Situated on the grounds of a large stone brick manor house, it includes a gymnasium, artist studio and athletic field with a full restaurant and dining room. The local handy man (Benny Hill) tends to hit people around him with a long board as he ogles the girls (Cheryl Gilham and Jeannie Collings) around him before mistaking a man on a bench behind a newspaper (Don Estelle) for one of the young ladies.
In the restaurant, a patron (Benny Hill) enters and accidentally spills water from his hat on to the hostess (Libby Roberts) as he checks in before spraying her with ink from a defective pen. The pen also shoots across the desk and hits a couple (Don Estelle and Jeannie Collings) who continue on to the restaurant. The waiter (Benny Hill) tends to fraternize with the female staff when he's not distracted by the waitress (Debbie Greenhill) or nearly getting his hand bitten off by another patron (Henry McGee).
While one guest (Benny Hill) enjoys himself on the punching bag in the gym, three ladies (Cheryl Gilham, Debbie Greenhill and Jeannie Collings) enjoy themselves on the field joined by another member (Benny Hill), who goes to retrieve their lost ball which turns out to be the posterior of another guest (Libby Roberts). Embarrassed, he goes to test out a saw horse, but he lands on the middle of it and hurts his crotch. He also enjoys tennis before trying to rejoin the three ladies from before, but the rude noises from his ball send them away.
In the studio, a female guest (Jeannie Collings) tries to paint a guest (Benny Hill as Fred Scuttle) as a boxer, but she gives him a black eye to give her portrait more character. Meanwhile, our hero tries again to impress the three ladies, but his exercise bike comes loose, and he careens over the grounds and through the health farm sign. Leaving the facility, he gets to leave with (Cherri Gilham), and he pretends to run out of gas with her. Unfortunately, she comes prepares with gas in a vodka bottle. When his moves on her don't work, she leaves in a huff, so he releases another young lady (Libby Roberts) out of his trunk to accompany him.


  • This sketch was accompanied by Eddie Buchanan singing 'There's Something About You Baby I Like."
  • Benny Hill plays four possible characters/seven individual characters in this sketch.
  • The grounds of this state look like the same stone brick residence from Bionic Boy and the Scouts and Guides Annual Fete sketches.