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Design was a British folk music group of the early 1970s, consisting of singers Barry Alexander, Gabrielle Field, Kathy Manuell, Jeff Matthews, John Mulcahy-Morgan and Geoff Ramseyer. Described as folk rock with "intricate and appealing harmonies and an interesting psychedelic twist" and "sunshine harmony pop with a light hippy vibe," a form of music now known as Sunshine Pop, they released 13 singles and 5 albums in the UK and appeared on more than 50 television shows before they split up in 1976.
Formed by BBC singer and songwriter Tony Smith in December 1968, the group was formed as a six-piece vocal group, loosely based on Judy Durham and the Seekers. They later recieved a recording contract with Adrian Kerridge at Lansdowne Studios in 1969, recording their first album, Design, that same year. Followed by a two-album deal with Epic Records in the United States, the group changed its line-up in November 1970 when Tony Smith left the group and was replaced by guitarist Jeff Matthews. After this line-up, they appeared on a string of TV shows in England including "The Morecambe and Wise Show," "The Two Ronnies," The Benny Hill Show" "Val Doonican," "The Rolf Harris Show," "The Cilla Black Show," "The Tommy Cooper Show" and many others. They recorded the albums "Tomorrow Is So Far Away," "Day Of The Fox" and "In Flight" before Gabrielle Field and Geoff Ramseyer left the group in October 1974. The remaining members of the group finished their last album, "By Design," in October 1976 before disbanding.