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Departure Lounge is a British television talk show that focuses on British actors and celebrities leaving England. Hosted by Andree Melly, the show interviews Merwyn Cruddy as he is leaving the country because of his reputation.
Describing his situation as "sordid," Cruddy (Benny Hill) flinches as Melly tries to touch him. He goes on the describe the day after his 21st birthday party when his friend, Mark, a property developer, took him on a walk through Soho at 3AM and they encountered a woman in front of an erotica night club. He describes the interior of the club as "Gomorrah an that other place." In the club, a met a female musician who played a cello and became friends with her, later getting inviting to a party. Learning he was considered a "groupie," he ended up being passed around by a group of female musicians who "had their way with him," (all except the little fat one). Afterward, he became a call boy pursued by duchesses and "harlesses" and even a member of the government. A reporter from the Sunday News eventually had him get pictures of her. The incident is such a scandal in Britain that he has to leave for Spain to live in the property the female politician purchased for him, which he is leaving for with two ladies (Malou Cartwright and Marilyn Harrison?) on the plane he just purchased for himself.


  • This was one of three host segments Andree did with Benny. The other two are The Grass Is Greener and The Movie Shakers.
  • Benny starts laughing midway through the sketch at the absurdity of this routine.