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Dee Eldridge was a 1970s actress and singer who once performed in the musical group Reflections. With the other members, she performed with the other members on "The Benny Hill Show" on January 26, 1977.
Not much is known about Dee. She was born Diane Eldridge and became a member of Young Generation, who had a TV-series in England from 1970 to 1973. Alongside Linda Robinson, Spencer Shires and one other unidentified group member, she formed the group Reflections (not to be confused with the Detroit pop-group) and performed regularly on "The Mike Yarwood Show," along with appearances on "Cooper," "Larry Grayson" and "The David Nixon Show."
Dee had two singles, "Joys of Alicia" and "Half as Much" in 1970. In January 1977, the group performed the song, "Higher and Higher" and starred in several sketches on "The Benny Hill Show." In the episode, they also did back-up vocals in the opening Bianca Malone routine, played two roles in The Sum Awards, occupied a chair in the Mastermind spoof and played a floor manager to Benny Hill as newsman Peter Seymour.
Not much is known about the group past their Benny Hill appearance. In 1981, Eldridge got married and became Dee Beale.