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David Bellamy is an English biologist and enviromentalist. An authority in all sorts of animal life, he reveals that more and more people are keeping exotic pets. Mentioning how the inexperienced owners are losing fingers, he proudly shows off an female crocodile and an Arabian tortoise rescued from a junk yard where it had fallen in love with a German soldier's helmet.
Talking briefly about the rhinoceros, he shows off his favorite beast, the elephant, revealing the reason why they travel so far before dying. ("It's the trip that kills them.") He also shows off a snake in a basket and warns about getting bitten. He talks about domestication, revealing his mother-in-law has trained her dog to go on the newspaper while he's reading it. Meanwhile, his elephant takes a bite from his pith helmet and returns it.
He also shows off a nervous spider that gets agitated as the elephant gets bored and sends a long stream of urine across the stage.
On March 25, 1981, Bellamy is on a TV in a store window when he notices the Hill's Angels dancing in the television above him. He calls over Johnny Craddock (Bob Todd) to join him in visiting him; Johnny even crosses behind Ann Afford (Benny Hill) in another television to steal liquor from his show to share with the Angels, joining them via a ladder on Bellamy's show. Although Sue Upton is initially reticent to their visit, when she learns they have liquor, she gives in.
Meanwhile, Fanny Craddock (Jackie Wright) Fanny notices Johnny missing and goes in search for him. She crosses over into Afford's abandoned news program and into Bellamy's TV where the party is still going above it. She pounds on the ceiling, but Johnny and Bellamy start dancing harder and cause the ceiling to come down on her. She climbs up the ladder with the roof in one chunk around her head and chases them with a rolling pin into the background of the Angels set.