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The Dalton Abbott Railway Porter Choir is a train station-motif musical choir complete with outfits based on train uniforms. The members are Ted Crumble (Benny Hill), Bob Todd, Henry McGee, Jackie Wright, Jon Jon Keefe, Jim Tyson, Trudi Van Doorn, Sue Bond (in her last "Benny Hill" appearance), Lee Gibson, and Marian Davies, Maggie Stredder and Gloria George of The Lady Birds.
The group arrives on stage on a trolley pulled by a small buggy, dragging Bob Todd behind it. The members then race to their spots as Benny starts singing Runaway Train. He continues with a few words of Tom Pierce and a tribute which ends as Bob reads the episode cast list. Continuing giggles and corrections lead up to Jackie Wright singing Baby Lover assisted by the others on harmony and Benny uttering the rhythm.
The sketch comes to a halt as Ted reaches around Jon Jon Keefe to prod Henry McGee into an introduction (during which he reacts confused at the word "respected"). Ted of course responds stunned and surprised as he takes the microphone. He and the group end the number with the song, Gather In The Mushrooms.