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Cyril and Mrs. Potts


Cyril Goody is a lonesome character who lives alone in his home learning Spanish from his Conchetta Paloma records with his life-size blow-up doll as his only companion. When his neighbor, Carol Potts, arrives distraught after losing her boyfriend, Fred, to her rival, Mabel Tessler, she comes over looking for solace over the break-up. Cyril attempts to off-handedly earn her interest with a bottle of champagne, telling her "it's like sherry," but she never seems to notice his nervous romantic inclinations. Unfortunately, as Cyril's doll springs a leak, it starts making noises that offend her, Miss Potts instead thinks they are sounds of derision toward her. She even calls Cyril "Cecil" at one point as she keeps getting inebriated under the effects of his wine, and when he tries to kiss her, she tries to throw him out of his house, forgetting just where she actually is. Meanwhile, the noises force Cyril to reveal his doll hidden under his sofa, and Miss Potts runs out, offended and disgusted, leaving Cyril to his inflatable girlfriend.