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Customs and Immigration is the receiving department for arriving passengers at an unidentified English airport (likely Heathrow Airport). Its responsibility is screening the passengers and tourists coming in for contraband and illegal objects. Chow Mein passes by the department and gets stopped by the superintendent (Henry McGee). Checking his luggage, the superintendant asks where he is coming from and what his destination is, but along the way, Mein's accent frustrates the agent as well as by Mein's misunderstanding of certain English words of which he's unfamiar.
Passed on to the clerk, Mamood Ramsun, Mein's accent and Ramsoon's Hindu accent further excerbrate the situation as Mein befuddles through the name of Ipswich town and Ramsoon repeating him in trying to follow the conversation. Mein also goes into a fairly elaborate description of his job as a "cow bleeder" (cow breeder). Ramsun gets even more frustrated with Mein than his supervisor as the situation worsens. As things nearly come to blows, Mein takes a hundred-year-old egg out he carries around, drops it in Ramsun's shirt pocket and then crushing it on his chest.
At this point, the superintendent comes out having been drinking to alleviate his stress. As more Chinese tourists pass through, both men start throwing things at them to leave the airport.


  • This sketch ranks as possibly one of the most remembered sketches in the series.
  • This sketch breaks from the routine of Henry McGee interviewing Chow Mein in a talk format. In 1989, another sketch more similar to the style of the American "Carol Burnett Show" of the 70s depicts Chow Mein as a caterer.
  • Bettine Le Beau and Jenny Lee Wright play the passengers entering before Chow Mein.
  • The actors playing the disembarking Chinese tourists are unidentified.