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The Crown Court is a group of shabbily-dressed individuals left waiting in a nearly barren room with writings on the walls. While they're alone, they bemoan the status of the police and the system, pass along gossip and make judgements on society. These individuals include:

  • "Benny" - (Benny Hill) - a leather-clad man with a grudge on the police
  • Paddy - (Jackie Wright) - a smoker who promises to be quiet
  • "Jon Jon" - (Jon Jon Keefe) - an optimist who thinks people are basically honest
  • The Bailiff - (Jenny Lee Wright) - a woman in uniform watching over the room
  • Albert - (Henry McGee) - a man who just had a wisdom tooth pulled
  • "Kathy" - (Kathy Staff) - a woman wo barely talks and reveals her brother is a mounted policeman
  • "Bob" - (Bob Todd) - an old drunk who drinks whisky diluted with vodka

Among the topics they talk about is:

  • Paddy remembered to get stamps after meeting the Queen
  • Paddy replaced all the windows in his house only to learn his glasses were cracked
  • Ted broke his leg playing poker
  • Charlie got three years for disturbing the police
  • Paddy drove on the sidewalk to avoid paying road tax
  • Bob had to drive a #7 Bus to the location

When the bailiff comes to get them, Kathy throws off the robe she has been wearing to reveal she is in the regalia of a British judge. The others are also judges as they pull on their wings and march out in judges robes.


  • This name from this sketch comes from the description in the A&E-TV DVD box set.
  • Only Henry McGee and Jackie Wright get names in the sketch.
  • Jackie reads a book called "Archaic Laws."
  • The sayings on the walls include:
    • "I have lost my virginity."
      "Have you still got the box it came in?"
    • "British prisons are the best in the world. - That's why they're always overbooked."
    • "I'm not prejudiced - I hate everybody."
    • "No-Nose Watson loves W.P.C. Wilberforce."