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The Cross-Strassen Motel is a German television series centered around the activity of a hotel. The concierge (Henry McGee) encounters Benny the beer distributor (Benny Hill) making a delivery and knocking over an ashtray receptacle in the lobby. The two of them dicker a bit and discuss his female relationships in German. The concierge even offers him a free drink, but he's briefly distracted by a pretty employee (Sue Upton). The concierge, desk clerk (Anna Dawson) and bartender (Jon Jon Keefe) then try scamming Benny knowing full well he's unfamiliar with the current currency. They give him a coin and a large bill (calling it ordinary paper) and telling him he can only have one. Benny naturally takes the coin, but he also takes the "ordinary paper" to wrap it in.


  • This sketch along with Hott Sexe, Free Loofa und Lust Orgie was one of two "European Television" sketches.
  • William Brown of "Benny's Place" confirms this was a German parody of the British TV soap "Crossroads." Benny had also parodied the long running British series on December 17, 1975.
  • The guests at the start are Alison Thomas and possibly Sue Upton in a large wig.