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The Cross-Country Race is a public sports marathon in an identified city in England, possibly Teddington, Little Dimpton or Lower Tidmarsh. In addition to the race, local athletes show off their skills in high jumps and other possible feats.
In attendance at the race, Fred Scuttle is present to start the race, but as he tears part of the starting flag off, a runner (Sue Upton) getting into position hears the tearing and thinks her shorts have burst open, backing herself off the field. When Fred fires the starting pistol, he takes out a plane. Down the road, one of the racers, Ted Tingley gets distracted by a female bicyclist (Stephanie Lawrence?} and chases after her off the raceway. A few minutes later, two police officers (Cyril Cross and unidentified) find them making out on a bench and chase them off to make out on the bench themselves.
Back at the field, another athlete (Ken Sedd) jumps and clears the high bars. When Ginger Thompkins attempts the same jump, a confused lorry driver drives on to the field, blocks him and he crashes straight into it.
At the end of the games, three winners are chosen (Johnny Vyvyan, Lee Gibson? and Nola Haynes?). As the old timer gets the first place trophy, the weight of it causes him to crash through the bottom of the podium. Meanwhile, Thompkins is still trying to cover the high bar, but as he clears it, his shorts catch on it, and he rips clear through them, forcing him to pull down his shirt to cover himself as he runs off field.


  • Like several sketches in the series, the sketch is played without lines to the tune of Yakety Sax.
  • This sketch has a rare instance of having three of Benny's characters from past sketches in one episode, namely Fred Scuttle, Ginger Thompkins and Ted Tingley.
  • Henry McGee plays the judge. Sue Upton is the presenter with the trophy.
  • This sketch was filmed at an unidentified exterior location outside the studio, possibly the same location as Sports Day on December 17, 1975.
  • This sketch seems to have a huge cast of unknowns and uncredited extras. It was possibly leftover material from an earlier episode, possibly the episode from December 26, 1978.